A New Scam Targeting Seniors Citizens

Posted on August 22nd, 2013

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TelephoneIt seems like just when things settle down, a new scam appears aimed at bilking money from our unsuspecting seniors.  The latest one to make the headlines is the “Life Alert Scam”.

Now, Life Alert is a reputable company (and there are others) that offers equipment and call buttons for seniors to wear.  In the event of an emergency, a senior can press the call button they are wearing and get help from Life Alert staff who will access paramedics or other professionals to assist in an emergency.  Many elderly folks legitimately subscribe and receive help from this beneficial service.

Currently, however, there is a scam targeting seniors via telephone.  Seniors are receiving prerecorded messages stating that someone has purchased such a system for them and all they need is for the senior to give their permission to have it shipped.  Some seniors have reported being asked for credit card information as well as their Medicare number.

Those elders who are targeted and agree to the terms of the scam end up getting billed $35 a month for what was promised to be a “free” system.

Worse yet, they have given personal information that can be used to steal their identity!

The Better Business Bureau has issued warnings to seniors to just hang up if called.

As caregivers, we must be hypervigilant in protecting our elders from those who would prey upon them with no regard for their vulnerability.  Now is a good time to review with your elderly loved one the types of scams aimed at seniors.

The National Council on Aging has listed the top ten scams focused at seniors to aid caregivers in protecting their loved ones.

Today’s technology can be a great blessing for our seniors.

But in the wrong hands, it can also be a curse as our seniors are more vulnerable than ever to falling victim to a scam!





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