Taking Depression Seriously

Posted on November 14th, 2013

Categories: Caring For Elderly,depression

Although it is under-diagnosed, depression can be a crippling and sometimes deadly condition. The signs of depression can be very hard to recognize, especially when it comes to the elderly. That’s why it is very important to watch for early signs of the disease so that the patient can be treated as quickly and effectively as possible. Keep in mind — it is a treatable condition.

“According to a well-known Twin Cities’ geriatric psychiatrist, Dr. William B. Orr, one of the most under diagnosed diseases among the elderly is depression,” says Deborah Dolan, an Advocate on Aging.  “Since learning this fact, I often ask concerned loved ones about signs or symptoms that could be related to depression as well as dementia.  At certain stages of either illness, they can mirror one another. Of course, the only way to know for sure is to be tested by a qualified physician.”

One way to check yourself or someone you care about for depression is to do a screening to test for symptoms. One online site that offers anonymous screening is www.HelpYourselfHelpOthers.org. If you have serious concerns about depression symptoms in yourself or someone you know, consult a doctor immediately.

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